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The Luck O' The Blogger Link-Up {Last Day}

~*~ Welcome to the Last Day of ~*~

I hope you all have enjoyed (or will enjoy if you link-up today) your chance to share your besties with us!  So far, I've shared with you, my blogger besties: Stacey of Glued to My CraftsAshley and Lisa of The Dose Of Reality,  Jo of Jo, My Gosh!, Vanessa of Vanessa's Place, Laurrie of Baked Lava, Cindy of Vegetarian Mamma, Ginny Marie of Lemon Drop Pie, Kathy and Melinda of Mothering From Scratch"One Mommy" of There's Just One Mommy,  Caroline of Grateful Foodie, Heidi of One Creative Mommy, Paloma of The Coffee Shop, Patty of Mrs JohninGhana and Wyndie of Autism Recovered.  They truly an amazing group of gals, and I hope you will get by their blogs to check them out soon!  You won't regret it, and you might find that you will make yourself some new friends in the process!

Keep in mind that tomorrow I will be sharing some of your friends on my blog (number to be determined based on participation, posts/blogs chosen at random), so please keep linking up through 11:59pm EST tonight!  Thanks! :)
And, for today, here are my last 2 blogger besties I want to share with you:
Image courtesy of Christy.

This is a dear woman from the natural/whole foods and health community who I can't quite remember how I happened across, but am so glad I found.  I've had her as a guest here before sharing her inspiring recovery story from Fibromyalgia after some serious lifestyle changes, and let me tell you, if you've not read it, you need to!  So inspiring!
Please take a minute to check out her site.  She shares recipes, tips, recovery stories and is full of enthusiasm and inspiration!  She even does speaking engagements and consultations on how to regain your life and your health by making changes in lifestyle and eating habits.  She is definitely a mentor to me, and I have the uttermost respect for her!

To Christy: I have always looked up to you and found that you are such a blessing and encouragement.  You have never treated me like I was "too small a blog" for your time, nor have you shunned my questions.  You have always been there to encourage me, offer advice and make me feel like I'm just as important to the blogging world as you are, and you have no idea how wonderful that is nor how much that means to me!  Thank you so much for all you do for this world by sharing your recovery story and the importance of real food.  They and you are invaluable!  Love ya, my friend!
Image courtesy of Une Bonne Vie.
Again, I don't know how I first met, Rachel, but I will tell you that she is the real deal, folks!  She's sweet, caring and just an all and out blessing.  She shares her heart honestly and openly, letting you see a side to her that will blow your mind, and does it in such a way that you don't feel alone in your own struggles in life.  That, my friends, is rare.
Her blog talks about her daily life, gives recipes and craft/organizations/fix-it tips/ideas, shares her thoughts on life and her relationship with God, among other things.  She also loads her blog with amazing pictures that never cease to make me hungry (if we're talking food) or laugh, cry, smile or go "Aww!" (if we're talking pictures of her family, items or nature).  It is definitely worth checking out!

To Rachel: You are an amazing woman who I definitely admire and look up to.  You never claim to be perfect, but you are real, and that is worth so much!  I know that if I needed a prayer partner, you'd be there to do it.  If I needed advice on a recipe, you'd give it.  If I just needed a friend, you'd be it.  We don't talk too often, but when we do, it is quality conversation and I feel heard and cared for.  Thank you for showing me and others the love of God and His grace through your eyes.  It is an amazing sight, and it increases my faith.  Love you, girl!

P.S. I did not get to share all of the amazing people I know online because there simply isn't enough time in the day or space online. :)  If you want to see a complete list of all the amazing bloggers I know and follow, go to Natural and Free and look at the lists at the bottom of the page.  You will find some incredibly helpful and talented people there with some equally as amazing blogs/sites. 
To all of the bloggers/sites I didn't get to mention by name: You all have, at one point or another, been an encouragement and a blessing to me!  You have answered questions, left comments and cheered me along when I needed it most.  Thank you!  You can never know how much that means, and I count myself blessed to know you and have you as a part of my blogging life!  Love you all!


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