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The Luck O' The Blogger Link-Up

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Hello, all!

So I wanted to do a link-up in March that fit along the lines of St. Patrick's Day and wasn't quite sure of what to do...until I got thinking about what constitutes being lucky.  To me, being lucky has everything to do with having great friends and family who stick by you and support you.  As I thought about that, I was struck with the idea that it would be so great to have a chance to highlight my blogger besties and let them know just how lucky I felt to have them in my life. {insert "Aww" here}  Thus, The Luck O' The Blogger Link-Up was born!
Basically, what this link-up is about is sharing your friends.  You can either link-up your friend's blog, a post your friend wrote for you as a guest, a post about your friends, a blog post you've read and love - basically, this is your chance to say, "Hey, all!  This is my friend and they're amazing, because _________, and I'm so lucky to have them in my life!"  How cool is that? :)
Each day of the link-up, I will be sharing with you some of my blogger besties that I hope you will take the time to get to know.  These are bloggers I visit regularly who I enjoy greatly, who have been my cheerleaders and supported me at times when I needed it most, and who are just all around amazing people.  I think you will enjoy getting to know them! :)
Before I get into sharing my first set of blogger besties, I want you all to know that I will pick some of your friends to highlight on the 18th after the link-up is over, so link-up as many posts as you like.  And make sure you let them know that you mentioned them here and linked up their posts so they can come join in on the fun.  Also, please be respectful of others privacy - if they have a private blog or if it is a post that contains sensitive/personal material or material that is not family friendly (adult content, profanity, etc.), please do NOT link it up.  Any posts like that (and I will check them all out) will be removed.  No other link-ups or giveaways, either, please.  Thanks. :)

Also, make sure you leave a comment here about who you linked up and why so that we have a little bit of the background story!  We all love to know how the friendship began or why you love a particular post, so please share the details! :)  Thanks!
Ok, onto my first 2 blogger besties I want to share with you:

Stacey has been a link-up partner of mine for a few link-ups now, and I'd be lost without her!  She and I work so well together in that regard.  She is also a good friend, period.  I know that if I was having a rough day, I could send her an email and she'd be there for me.  She's a giving, generous person with a warm heart, and I am lucky to call her friend! 
You all should take a minute to check out her blog.  She's got some great crafts for toddlers, yummy recipes, fun link-ups and giveaways - you won't be sorry!  :)
To Stacey: Girl, you are a great friend!  I'm glad you asked me to guest post for you after you found me via SITS Girls forums.  It began a friendship that I am so grateful for!  Love ya, girl! :)
I met Ashley and Lisa through the SITS Girls, too, on their feature day, and I'm so glad I did!  They are hilarious and kind, totally supportive and keep it real, which I love!  They are also generous and have hug hearts, just amazing women here!
Their blog is definitely a bright spot in my day! :)  You won't regret checking it out.  They have something for everyone, and if you love to laugh and hear it like it really is definitely the blog for you!
To Ashley and Lisa: Love you gals!  You have always been so supportive of me and so many others!  You're always willing to help and share.  I am so blessed to be able to call you friends! :)

Now it's your turn!

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  1. AW! Thanks for featuring us, Julie!! You are the sweetest!! We love you, too! :) --The Dose Girls

    1. You're welcome, ladies! :) I was more than happy to do it!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring me on this :) I feel really honored & LOVED! You are amazing my friend. So glad I "stumbled" on you through SITS. Cheers to many more blog links & a life long friendship girl

    1. You're so welcome, Stacey! :) What are friends for, right? :) If this brings you a few new followers, I'm a happy gal! :) Looking forward to many more link-ups to come!


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