Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sean!

Today is a special day!  Today my middle kid turns 9!  I can hardly believe it's been 9 years, but it has!
Though I do not have a picture of his ultrasound (I have it somewhere, but was unable to locate it for this post), I do remember the day I found out I was expecting and how we told everyone.  We told everyone at Stephen's first birthday party (I'd found out about a month before and it was torture keeping it a secret) by having him open up a present that was a bib that proclaimed "Big Brother" (I have pictures of that, too, just can't seem to find them on this PC).  Everyone smiled and cried (happy tears) and hugged.  It was a moment I will never forget.
More than that, I will never forget the day Sean was born...

Birth stats

Sean was born when I was at 37 weeks gestation in the wee hours of the morning via c-section after being in labor for most of the day the day before.  Apparently, he was too wide in the shoulder department, so he wouldn't drop into position, so there was nothing else to be done.  I was just happy he was being born! :)

NICU, 2004
However, shortly after Sean was born, we found out that he was not only jaundice but had underdeveloped lungs (The doctor's figured he was actually closer to 36 weeks gestation vs. 37 weeks and that's why he had the underdeveloped lungs).  He spent a week in the NICU before he got to come home, which was one of the hardest things I've ever been through, torn between being at the hospital with him and at home with my 1 1/2 year old.  Fortunately, my mother was able to stay with us for that week, and we could go back and forth as we needed to, knowing that Stephen was being taken care of.

2004, 2 months old
When he did come home, he was just like any other happy, healthy baby.  We could tell from the get-go that he had a sense of humor and a lot of personality.  I mean, just look at that face!

First Birthday, 2005
He was always getting into something, being very curious (earning him the nickname of "my little monkey" because he was so much like Curious George), and never ceased to make us laugh even then. 

At Grandma Cindy's, 2006
As he grew, we saw more of his sweet side.  He has these moments when he says and does things that just touch your heart.  He wants everyone happy and that's why he jokes or gives hugs - to make you smile.

At Burger King, 2007
He has always had a love for life.  He shows me every day that you can find something to smile about.  There is never a dull moment with my Sean Boy.

Sleeping with his 2 favorite cats, 2008
He is also fiercely loyal.  You see that cat in the picture?  Not the live one, but the stuffed one?  He's had that cat from day 1 and loved it nearly to death (it still exists).  He cherishes it to pieces, just like those who are a part of his life.  That means that his brother is his best bud, that he loves his mommy and daddy to death, and his little sister means the world to him.  I am in awe of his ability to love.  He inspires me every day with it.
Birthday at Preschool, 2009
He has always loved the simple things.  When I came to school for his birthday, he couldn't stop grinning!  It always makes his day when we show him that he's special and important to us.  It doesn't take much - it doesn't have to be that expensive item - he just wants our time.  It's amazing to see him light up when we show him how much we care, not just say it.  I think we could all learn from that, don't you agree?

Christmas, 2010
He is also very creative!  He designed all these cookies himself (and tried to eat them all, too!).  He is a bit shy sometimes and unsure of where to begin, but once he starts, watch out!  This kid is going places! :)  He never ceases to surprise with his stories and art.  He's a whole lot smarter than I think even he realizes.

Car Show, 2011
He is also my fearless one!  Nothing is gonna stop this kid!  He is willing and ready to try it all...and that's just as good as it is scary.  It is my and my hubby's job to make sure he knows when to plunge on ahead and when to hold back.  We don't want to hold him back from trying new things; we just want to keep him from doing the dangerous, immoral things.  Thankfully, with his big heart, he seems to know the difference so far.  Prayerfully, he always will and will always want to serve the Lord the way he does today.

Christmas, 2012
He has his share of struggles, with reading and writing especially, but what a long way he's come!  He amazes me with his resilience and he's willingness to try.  He gets scared like all of us do, but he will still try.  That inspires me and puts me to shame all at once.  How I wish I could take risks like this little man can sometimes!

Enjoying his birthday smoothie, 2013

Sean, my sweet, sweet boy, you will never know how much your mommy (and daddy and siblings) love you!  I am so glad that God brought you into our lives!  You have taught me so much about myself and about how to love.  You have challenged me to think outside my box and my comfort zone and how to see things differently than I always have.  Thank you for that.  Thank you for being you.  You are smarter than you know, even though you struggle, and you are brave and true...and you will never know how proud that makes me! 
You are growing up to be an amazing, hilariously funny, sweetheart of a man who loves the Lord, and I pray that you always want to serve Him!  Keep your eyes on the Lord, turn to Him in all things and He will never let you down!
Happy 9th Birthday, Sean!
May it be as amazing as you are! 



  1. Love this post! Hope Sean has a very Happy Birthday!

    I couldn't even imagine how you were feeling with having to go between home and the hospital, so glad he is healthy and happy and that his story is a happy one. :)

    1. Thank you! He's all excited about having a small party tonight with family and the treat he got to take to school. :) He's in 9 year old heaven.

      I'm glad that he is healthy and happy, too!

      Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles. I will bookmark your site!!


    1. Thanks, Andrea! I hope you find it helpful in the future. Feel free to tell others about my blog if you think it will help them as well.

      Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Oh, happy, happy birthday to your adorable Sean!!!
    Loved watching him grow up in these pictures. He is so handsome! Hearing about his wonderful heart and spirit just made me smile. You have such a dear and wonderful boy. I hope 9 brings him all the happiness in the world! :) --Lisa

    1. Thanks, Lisa! He is a wonderful boy! I will make sure he gets all his birthday wishes and reads this post (we were too busy yesterday with family and gorgeous weather for him to read it yesterday, but he should be able to read it today). :)

  4. {Melinda} What a sweet, sweet tribute to your birthday boy! He is so, so cute. You are a lucky mama and he is a very blessed boy!

    1. Thank you, Melinda! I hope he knows, not just wonders, but truly knows, how blessed I feel as his momma and how much I love him. :) That, I believe, is the goal - showing them how much we love them and having them KNOW we always matter what.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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