Monday, July 22, 2013

Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures!

So, I know I have mentioned how crazy it has been around here lately, but I figured it was time you got to see just how crazy.  Get ready for picture overload!
This month, we have:
Gotten our kids cute, matching (nearly) Despicable Me T-shirts and seen Despicable Me 2.
Who can resist those minions?!?!
We've celebrated Independence Day with:
- cute hair-dos
(Yes, she does sit still while I do this!  She wiggles a little bit, but if she's got something to watch, like Curious George, she does great!)
- Patriotic attire
(They love their sister!)
- Helping with the parade
- Making new friends
- Watching the parade
 (I love her face, don't you? LOL)
- Waiting for fireworks
- Watching fireworks
I've made pies, like this one (and a few other types I didn't get pictures of).
We've had some extended family time.
Made more goodies, like these (recipe going up on Natural and Free soon!).
And even got some fun time in at my parent's camp with some church friends.
This isn't everything we've been up to, but it's a good portion of it!  We didn't have any pictures of the tent meeting (which I made the pie for), or I would've included those, too.  And it is not over yet either!  We've got VBS and Elaina's 3rd birthday left to go!  Feel free to say, "Wowzers!" and take a deep breath with me! :D
Yes, it's been crazy busy...but it's been a blast! :)
What have you been up to this summer?


  1. First of all, I am DYING over the cuteness of your children...oh my Gosh, ADORABLE!! :)
    Secondly, it looks like y'all have had so much fun this summer...I am jealous of places with 4th of July parades. I want to go to one!-Ashley

    1. Thanks, Ashley! I think my kiddos are adorable, but I'm a bit partial. :) Glad to know that I am not alone in my opinion!!! :D

      If you ever come to my neck of the woods during the 4th, I will so hook you up with a good seat for the parade! :) It's a blast!


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