My {Tentative} Blogging Schedule

If you're wondering when to come look for new posts or where to find me, then you've come to the right page! This is my (tentative) blogging schedule.

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I don't schedule anything for this day in that it's a rather crazy day for us with church and all, and any free time I want to spend with family. If I'm doing a link-up or find some amazing info or need to answer comments, I'll hop on for a short bit, but for the most part Sunday = no blog day.

~Monday through Friday~
Aside from homeschooling (when school is in session) and daily household stuff, these are also the days that I am info/recipe searching, hopping over to SITS Girls to "roll call", checking comments and emails, adding pictures to posts if I have any to add, updating info, emailing companies and organizations about their products and such, checking our my by blogger buddies' newest posts and commenting and/or linking up to their link-ups as I can, checking and participating on FacebookCircle of Moms, and the other forms of social media I participate in, etc. You may not see a new post from me, but I promise I am not being idle!  An occasional post will show up on a weekday from me, especially if I am doing a link-up, but generally posts are done on Saturdays.

This is generally my post day.  I also do most of what I do during the week (i.e. info searching, emailing, commenting, etc.) in greater capacity since this is my "free" day.  This is also a family day/catch up on chores day, so sometimes I don't get done as much done as I'd like, but I do my best to get at least a post out weekly.

I try to post a new post weekly (Saturday normally) if at all possible, but sometimes it's every 2 weeks or so depending on if it's near a holiday or if there's sickness in the house, etc. I am constantly updating info and doing research (as mentioned before), so even if you don't see a new post, there's still probably something somewhere that's been updated in some way.

Also, I try to update Natural and Free weekly as well, sometimes more often if there's something amazing I want to share or if I'm doing a link-up or having a guest blogger.

I am going to be trying to post monthly guest bloggers/product reviews as well (both here and on Natural and Free). If you'd like to be a guest at either location, know someone who might be, or have a product you would like me to review (generally something in the allergy-friendly category, but if you know of something for Fibromyalgia or chronic illness that you think I would be interested in reviewing, let me know) let me know via email! Guest posts will stay up at least a week and promoted on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Twitter by me.

I'm also going to try to come up with a monthly link-up for you all to participate in either on here or on Natural and Free. :) They'll either be holiday or season-themed (i.e. Christmas, autumn, Easter), recipe-themed (i.e. desserts, sides, smoothies) or subject-themed (i.e. thankfulness, joy, Fibromyalgia).  It should be lots of fun, so I hope you'll join me! :)
~Non-Scheduled Things~
I also have things that I will participate in that have no set schedule, like guest posting on a friend's blog or hosting a chat or something along those lines.  I will announce those things on the blog that fits the subject most (i.e. food topics with be posted on Natural and Free, Fibromyalgia topics will be posted on Fibro, Fit and Fab!) or both if possible.  I will also announce it on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Twitter, sometimes in advance, sometimes not depending on the situation.  If you'd like to have me guest post for you or host a chat for you, feel free to contact me via email.  I'd love to help in any way that I can if at all possible! :)
Please keep in mind that my family comes first and foremost, so everything in my schedule filters through that.  If they need me, I'm with them, regardless of what I have planned elsewhere.  Thank you for understanding! :)

Note: This schedule is subject to change at a moment's notice, so if I don't follow it exactly, please don't get upset. Things happen beyond our control sometimes. I'll do what I can to keep consistent, but that is not always possible. Thank you for understanding! :)

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