Friday, September 14, 2012

If You Get The Blender Out

If you get out the blender, you'll want to make a smoothie.

If you make a smoothie, your 2 year old will notice.
If she notices, you'll have to keep it out of reach.
If you turn your back, the sweet little 2 year old will figure out how to get the smoothie you thought was out of reach.

If she gets that first sip, you will have to try to coax it away from the dear, sweet little girl.
If you try to coax it away from her, she will turn up those sweet blue eyes at you, and you won't be able to take the smoothie back.

If you don't take the smoothie back, you may get a sip or 2, but your daughter will soon finish it, making sure to slurp up the last drops noisily.
If she slurps up the last drops noisily, you will remember just how much you loved smoothies when you were little.
If you remember how much you loved smoothies, you'll be tempted to make another one for nostalgia sake.
If you decide to make another smoothie, chances are, you'll need a blender to do it.
May you have a memorable day! :)

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