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October Unprocessed 2012

October Unprocessed 2012
I am beyond thrilled to share this challenge with you!  This is a challenge to eat nothing buy unprocessed food for the month (or a day, a week - whatever you feel you can do) of October.  This challenged was designed by Andrew of, and I think it's amazing and have showed my support by signing the pledge.
You all know how I feel about eating unprocessed food.  It's what is keeping my Fibromyalgia at bay and what I firmly believe will heal my body in a large degree.  It's already working!  I think this challenge is an amazing way to encourage others to try this way of life out for themselves to see that it really can help!  Gotta love that. :)
So, here's the key to this whole thing: the definition of unprocessed.  According to Andrew, the definition is: "Unprocessed food is any food that could be made by a person with reasonable skill in a home kitchen with whole-food ingredients."  I like this definition.  Now, I have my rules within that.  There are foods out there that I cannot eat or won't eat because of how they make me feel that people could consider whole-food, like soy.  You may choose to add "must be organic" to your definition of unprocessed, and that's ok.  Whatever your definition, stick to it.  That's the key to success. :)
Andrew, if you read this, you are amazing!  Thank you so much for the challenge to do what I know I should.  It's extra incentive for me!  Gotta love that accountability factor!
To all the rest of you: I encourage you to do this!  Try it out.  Test what I've been telling you in a real way.  See for yourself that cutting out the processed food will benefit you in ways you could never imagine!  And let me know how you're doing along the way.  I'm more than happy to encourage, help and support in anyway that I can. :)
Happy October to all of you!  May it be a fabulously unprocessed month for all of you! :)

P.S. I decided to add this after thinking about it for a bit.  If you want to know what food rules I'll be following, I will basically follow my Food "Do"s and "Don't"s, except I will be extra careful about my selections (aiming at less sugar, less caffiene, more whole grain, etc.), especially when not at home.  Wish me well! :)  I'll be blogging about it all here, so feel free to follow along.

Oh, before you go...I need your help, pretty, pretty please!
My recipe/information blog for those with or those caring for those with the top 8 food allergens, Natural and Free, is up for Top 25 Food Allergy Moms - 2012 on Circle of Moms! If you want to support me in this, if you have been to Natural and Free and feel it worthy of the title, I'd be honored if you would click on the icon above and vote on my blog or follow this link: Once you get to the page, find my blog (it's currently at 34, but that could change - you'll see my picture and Natural and Free) unless you use the link which is a direct link to my blogger profile and takes the searching out for you :), and click on the little thumbs up button next to the word "vote".
Voting ends October 17th. You can vote once every 24 hours if you wish (so if you vote at 3pm today, you can't vote again until 3pm tomorrow). You don't have to be a member of Circle of Moms to vote (or even a mom or woman for that matter), either, so if you really want me in the top 25, encourage those you know to vote, too. :) Thank you so much!
Oh, and while you're there, check out the other nominees. You can vote for more than just me if you wish, just only one vote per blog per 24 hours. I know I personally have voted for a few of my blogger buddies who are more than deserving of the title. :)
Thanks for the support, and have an amazing day! :)

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