Thursday, November 8, 2012

Twenty-Two Days of Thanks: Day Eight

What am I thankful for?
  1. Answered prayer
I know when you think of answered prayers you think of the prayers you got a "yes" for or ones that went your way.  Well, I mean those, but that's not all I mean.  God doesn't always answer with "yes", but He will always answer with what is best.

As a child of God, God is (in essence) obligated to hear my prayers just like parents are obligated to hear the petitions of their children.  Following the same reasoning, just like a parent sometimes says "no" or "wait" because it is what is best at the time, so does God, our Father.  I am grateful for a God Who loves me enough to tell me "no" or "wait" when I need Him to.

Hubby and I, the year before we were married.
I am grateful for the time when I prayed, after a break-up that broke my heart and an attempt at dating a guy who was all wrong for me and hurt me worse yet, for God to not let me date until I met "the one".  Though I was not God's child and He was not obligated to answer my prayers, He saw fit to do so.  It was a long 2 years, and I felt like maybe I'd made a mistake praying for such a thing, like maybe God made a mistake by answering my prayer, but I realized later that it was the greatest gift I could ever have.  I was spared so much heartache.  I watched those I love go through break-ups and heartaches and other messes from trying to find the right guy and wishing and praying they'd find him soon so they didn't have to keeping being hurt so much.  It was at those times I was grateful that God spared me from that.  I didn't and don't have the "past relationship" scars that some did and do, and I'm so glad for it.

I am grateful for the time I prayed for guidance and wisdom, and God gave it.  At times, it was things like needing the "right words" and having them.  It was like God was speaking through me, and that was a blessing.  I didn't have to worry about what I said because I knew God was in control of my mouth. 

At other times, He lead people into my life at "just the right time" to, for example, help me know what to ask doctors about concerning my Fibromyalgia or to help me figure out how to handle other situations.  I prayed about the direction to go and He provided people to help me on my path.  How amazing is that?

Our daughter when she was in the NICU (Mommy and boys, too).
I am grateful for the times I begged Him for His peace, no matter what the outcome was.  I prayed for such peace the night I KNEW my daughter was going to be born 5 weeks early.  I will never forget it.  I was shaking in sobs and begging for God's peace, His help, and (the next thing I knew) a calm came over me.  I KNEW it was going to be ok.  My daughter was coming, like it or not, but it was going to be ok.  Indeed, she was born 5 weeks early, but she was ok.  She spent a week in the NICU, but it was because she wasn't eating enough and needed to grow, not because of some horrendous medical issue.  I was grateful for that blessing and still am today.

I am grateful that my cousin has made it to 34 weeks along TODAY in her pregnancy!  We've been praying for her since the very beginning because she's had complications from the very beginning.  God has not guaranteed tomorrow, but He gave her today! :)  She's had the care she's needed, the steroid shots and lots of other things for baby James's lungs and such, she's been able to get some of the help she needs around the house, etc. and those are blessings upon blessings.  It has not been an easy road for her and it won't be, but James's chance of survival are way up now even if he was born today, and I believe God is working a modern miracle in her and her family's lives through it all.  Praise the Lord! :)

I am grateful for the times where I've been brought to my knees, when I've had to face myself for what I truly was, when I've had to beg for forgiveness or beg and plead for another's life or well being.  When you are brought to the end of what you are, you see Who He is.  You realize that, no matter what, He is in control.  You realize that, no matter the answer to your prayers, it will be ok because He is God and He will be with you through it.  We are not promised good days or lack of hardship, but we are promised His hand to hold through it all.  I can't explain it better than that, but I think you know what I mean.

I have begged on certain days for my Fibromyalgia to all be just a bad dream, and you know what?  It's not.  I still have it...and I'm grateful God has answered this prayer with "no".  I have gained compassion and strength I would not otherwise have because of it.  That is worth it's weight in gold.

I have begged God for help and opportunities, and sometimes it takes awhile, but they always come "just in time".  I'm glad God chooses to answer these prayers with "wait".  It helps me learn patience, that God can be trusted, that His timing is better than mine, etc.  If I got some of those things when I thought I needed them, I would have suffered greatly or missed out on another blessing later.

Our House

Case in point, our house.  When we first put a bid on it, we were rejected.  Over a year later, we saw that the same house was up for sale again - at about half the price we'd originally offered for it!  We were able to get our home for LESS than we were willing to pay for it.  I'm so glad God had us wait! :)

I have begged God at other times for health, healing, guidance, etc. and He's answered with an over the top "yes".  I am amazed when He chooses to answer with "yes".  I feel so undeserving of those times and so grateful for them, too.  What a good and gracious God we serve!

How about you?  What prayer(s) are you grateful for that God answered with "yes"?  How about "wait"?  How about "no?"  Think about it...You might be surprised at the results. :)

Have an amazing Thursday!


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