Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Twenty-Two Days of Thanks: Day Seven

What am I thankful for?
  1. The four seasons
Today I'm grateful for the four seasons...
My favorite season by far is Autumn.

 I don't think you can beat its beauty, but that's not all Autumn has to offer.  Besides the splendor of colors, there's the cool temperatures, sweaters, cuddling in blankets by a fire or with each other, crisp apples, warm apple cider, pumpkin muffins, crunching leaves beneath your feet, hay rides, harvest...There is nothing better than Autumn to me.  It's a thankful time of year, too, and that cheers my heart.  I do so much reflecting, praising and rejoicing in Autumn.  I look forward to it every year.
Runner-up for me is probably Summer.

It's the out-of-school-time-with-all-my-kiddos time of year.  There's sunsets at the beach, building sand castles, swimming, Independence Day, lots of get-togethers with friends and family alike, lazy summer days with no plans...What's not to love?  It is the time of year that I can watch my kids play and laugh, and I just smile.  It makes my day to see them enjoying life so very much.
Then there's Spring.
What a gorgeous time of year with the flowers blooming!  There's also other forms of new life with baby animals abounding.  You can open up the house and let in the fresh, clean air.  The snow is melting, giving way to new, green grass and other plant-life.  There is the sense of "beginning" that comes with Spring.  It is my time of year to make changes, even more than New Year's.  It's my time to make new commitments or renew them.  I love that.

Lastly, there's Winter.


This is a time of white and grey and cold.  It's beautiful in its severity.  It amazes me how the world transforms under a blanket of snow and ice.  And this is also the time for Christmas, New Year's and Valentine's.  It reminds me of family and friends, those with us and those who have left this world or who cannot be with us.  It makes me nostalgic.  It makes me grateful for what and who I have in my life.  I also enjoy watching my kids play in the snow or building a snowman with them or having a snowball fight.  I think the best part, though, is the hot chocolate afterwards. :)

Every season is a gift from God.  He didn't have to make the seasons.  We could have the same weather and scenery day after day, but we don't.  We have Autumn and it's glorious colors, Summer in it's heat and gaiety, Spring in it's floral coat and Winter in it's wonderland of ice and snow.  I wouldn't trade them for anything, no matter how much I forget it in the midst of a heat wave, rain storm, raking leaves or blizzard. :)
Thank You, Lord, for giving us the seasons.  They are such a blessing and a wonder!  Thank You for never letting us have a dull moment!
~ What's your favorite season? ~

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  1. I love how you are making a list, adding to it each day.

    Have to say I love the changing seasons, too.

    Thanks for linking up last week; hope you come back this week to link up again!

    1. Thanks. :) I'm enjoying this link-up. It keeps me focused on the positive.

      I'm glad I'm not alone in my love of the seasons. :) My brother lives where there are just 2 (Ghana, West Africa), and I know they miss having all 4 and enjoy them immensely when they come to the States on furlow.

      Thanks for stopping by and for the comment! I am looking forward to linking up again. Thank you. :)


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