Friday, November 16, 2012

Twenty-Two Days of Thanks: Day Sixteen

What am I thankful for?
  1. Forgiveness
  2. Freedom
  3. Laughter
  4. Modern medicine
  5. Technology
  6. Quiet moments
  7. Dates
I'm referring to dates with my hubby, not calendar dates or the kind that you eat, though I'm sure you guessed that already. :)  They don't happen too often, and they are quite often not "romantic" dates or even "official" dates.

Sometimes they are just times to chat when the kiddos are sleeping in the back seat of the car on a long trip...
Sometimes they are more fun, like an evening at the beach taking pictures of the gorgeous sunset while the grandparents babysit...

Other times it might be that we get to go do something alone like vote or go grocery shopping while the kiddos are in school or at the grandparents...

I know, these don't sound so much like "dates" but, when you have kids, you'll take what you can get sometimes. :)
I am just so thankful for times alone with my hubby, in anyway that they come.  He's my best friend, my sweetheart, my counterbalance...I don't know what I'd do without him!  Any time that we can talk as adults and pour out our hearts, share our needs, listen to each other, hold hands, sneak a smooch - just enjoy being together, is precious time.  I may not get to dress up or go to a fancy restaurant, but that's ok.  It's time with him, and that makes me feel like the most precious, loved and blessed woman on the planet.
To the family that watches my kiddos so we can go out: Bless you!  You may not realize what a blessing it is to be able to get away, even if it's just to the grocery store. :)  It means the world!
To my hubby: I love you more than life!  I enjoy each and every moment we have together that's "just us", even if it's only an hour or 2 after the kiddos go to bed.  I don't care if we're going grocery shopping, discussing world events or just sitting next to each other in silence holding hands; I enjoy you.  Thank you for always being there, for loving me when I am unlovable and for agreeing to always be mine.

To my children: Thank you for being so good for the babysitters!  It's so nice to know they are willing to watch you again because you are respectful and sweet, not just because they want to do Mommy and Daddy a favor! :)  We love you so very much!

~ What quality time with your spouse/significant other are you most grateful for? ~

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