Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lessons In Training

Tuesday was the first day of school...Homeschool, to be exact, but I'll get to more on that in a minute.  First, I want to talk about something that didn't change, and probably the only thing that didn't: Taking "first day of school" pictures.


1.  We take the "serious" picture:
The "serious" picture
This is needed to show family and friends the school kids being well-behaved.

2. We take the "not so serious" picture:
The "not so serious" picture
This is needed to show that we aren't always serious and like to have fun!

3. Individual pictures:
Stephen, my 6th grader
Sean, my 4th grader

These are needed to show each kiddo alone and to mark the year, and I am bemoaning the fact that next year my baby girl will have one of just her (Can't believe she'll be in pre-school next year!!!).

4. A picture of everyone:
All the kiddos, because Elaina had to be a part, too! :)
We take this because everyone has to be included, and next year (as I alluded to above) this will be phased out because Elaina will officially be in the "serious" and "not so serious" pictures and also have one of just her.  Time flies too fast!


Now onto the things that have changed, i.e. everything else.

I am finding that I wasn't as prepared as I wanted to think I was for this transition.  I am finding that I am a lesson myself, and I'm definitely in training!  By that I mean, each of us, our lives, are lessons for others as they watch us, and I am in training for or morphing into the finished lesson that I will ultimately be.  This is one area of that training that truly has me reeling!

I wanted to think that I could do this alone.  I told myself that I had all the skills, all the training...What would be the big deal?  Well, apparently all the training in the world cannot prepare you for the change that is schooling, especially homeschooling.  Sure, I know intellectually what to do, but there is the whole scheduling and dividing time and newness that makes it so strange and overwhelming.  It can take one's breath away!

So, today, I woke up early and prayed.  I asked God to help me.  I confessed that I needed Him.  I confessed that I'd forgotten the whole reason we were doing this: Because it was what we believed was right for our family, and mostly because we wanted to make sure that our kids got a Godly education, too, and that part is on me since it isn't in the curriculum.

I know I will get frustrated and overwhelmed, but now I have remembered to include God, and that is key to this whole en devour.  Without Him, I can do nothing (John 15:5, KJV).  Knowing that He is there makes all the difference.

Today, when the kiddos get up and before we start, we are going to pray, and we will do that every day.  We are going to pray for guidance to know when to move ahead, when to linger, when to cut back, when to get extra help...When to do anything so that we can succeed.  We are going to pray for wisdom in all things, for patience with each other, for the ability to forgive others and ourselves when things don't pan out and for love that knows no bounds to deal with all the changes.  

This is the first of many new steps and new lessons.  We are in training for life lessons as well as academic ones.  We are learning about integrity, honesty, hard work and so much more!  And we can do it all, "...through Christ which strengtheneth..." us (Philippians 4:13, KJV).

No matter what happens, after this morning, I know it is for our good.  I know we have made the right choice.  The material is great, challenging and do-able...It is just very different and will take time to get it all figured out.  I have faith that we will do that and more, because God is faithful.

Your prayers are appreciated as we continue on this journey, please and thank you! :)  Know that I pray for you all daily, too.  Please let me know if there is any specific prayer requests that you have in comments below or via email, and I'd be happy to pray for you!

How is your back-to-school going?
Are you a lesson in training, too?
What's your best back-to-school tip?


  1. Beautiful post Julie. I love how honest you are about how you were feeling. And your kiddos are totally adorable! :)-Ashley


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