Friday, September 26, 2014

Fibromyalgia Infographic {Courtesy of}

Awhile ago, I was sent an email regarding a Fibromyalgia infographic*, and I am just now getting the time to share it with you (Thanks for sending it my way, Skylar!).  If you follow this link, you can find a way to share it on your blog, Facebook page, etc., if you wish.  You can also find some more information there on Fibromyalgia, as well.  

I don't think this covers everything about Fibromyalgia by any stretch, but I think that's mainly because we are still learning about it.  I can tell you, though, this infographic is one of the most thorough I've seen, and would be very helpful to share with someone wondering what Fibromyalgia is or what all is involved in trying to manage it, diagnose it, etc.  Definitely worth sharing! :)


Fellow Fibro sufferers, what information would you want added to this infographic if a revision was to be made in future?

What questions do you think this doesn't answer that would be helpful to have answers to?

*I was not paid or otherwise compensated to share this infographic, nor do I work for nor necessarily agree with everything done by or come up with from or their associates.  I am only sharing this infographic because I thought it would be of benefit to you, my readers.  Your decision to share it is your own and will not result in me or yourself receiving any sort of benefits, pay, or other form of compensation from or their associates.

Thank You For Your Help!

Thanks to any and all who helped my friend financially and otherwise get Gia for her kids to help with their life-threatening food allergies! They are to start training on Saturday, May 3, 2014! :) So excited for you, Cindy and family! To check out more of their journey, go here.